Host a goddess gathering, or book a private appointment.

Collaborate with a skilled artist and intuitive, who will adorn your body with sacred symbols that inspire and support you on your unique, transformational journey of healing and growth! Sunya takes private appointments at her Art Studio in Downtown St. Petersburg. You can aso learn how to host your own Goddess Gathering at your home, and get henna the traditional way with all your friends.

When you receive your tattoo, you are honoring  yourself as a living embodiment of that symbol. You are one with it. As it fades away over time, you integrate its wisdom into your life, holding it forever in your heart.

Anima Mobile Art Studio Located Just Outside Downtown St. Petersburg.

  • Consciously navigate your own personal mythology
  • Set intentions for what direction you’d like to take in life
  • Reflect on where you are in your transformational process
  • Affirm what you want to let go of, invite more of what you want into your life, and bring awareness to what is no longer serving you.